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  • Peter Osborne

Rep. Tom Reed blasts NY's "failed nursing home policies" based on AG report

CORNING, NY - Rep. Tom Reed issued a harsh statement that calls for a federal investigation and congressional hearings after the release today of a report from New York Attorney General Tish James’ on New York’s failed nursing home policies.

The report included concerns that the NYS Department of Health may have undercounted nursing home deaths by as much as 50% and state guidance forcing COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes directly contributed to the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers.

“Since May of last year, we have worked tirelessly to shine a light on New York’s disastrous nursing home policies to ensure such a colossal public health failure never happens again," he said.

Reed said that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has "ruthlessly attacked anyone who questioned the state’s disastrous policies, including those from his party; deny any wrongdoing; and hide damning nursing home fatalities data that would implicate his administration."

Reed added that "the state’s incompetence and gross negligence have been confirmed by its own Attorney General. As we called for last year, a full federal investigation into New York’s disastrous handling of the COVID-19 crisis is desperately needed. Given the state’s refusal to be transparent, we must also hold additional congressional hearings to fully understand the scope of the state’s incompetence, as well as the state’s efforts to obfuscate the truth. "

"Governor Cuomo’s lies cannot go on. To the New Yorkers who lost a loved one due to these failed policies, know that this is one step closer towards justice,” he concluded.

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