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Main Street’s Pledge To America

We hereby pledge:

  • To craft and fight for legislation that represents our core values of EQUITY, SECURITY, AND PROSPERITY.

  • To work with anyone in either party ready to roll up their sleeves and solve problems for the American people.

  • To choose solutions over rhetoric and country over party.


Main Street Republicans are either sponsoring their own bills or working across the aisle to support critical legislation in the 117th Congress.

 Some members may have co-sponsored the same bill. Data as of March 24, 2022

1,065 House bills as lead sponsor

and co-sponsorship of another 15,278 bills (total by 63 RMSP House Members). Total number introduced in House: 8,536

and co-sponsorship of another 1,790 bills (total of five RMSP Senators). Total number introduced in Senate: 9,544

557 Senate bills as lead sponsor