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Sarah Chamberlain: Reverse DeVos’ Sexual Assault In Schools rules (Forbes)

Source: Forbes, Sarah Chamberlain

This is the third of four articles about issues that the President-Elect and 117th Congress need to be prioritizing as it relates to equity for women and families. As I noted in my Dec. 18 column on safe and stable housing, we need to talk about how we can ensure everyone can live and work free from discrimination based on sex. My Dec. 30 column focused on removing barriers to workplace equality for women. In this column, I’ll be looking at eliminating sexual harassment and assault in our nation’s schools.

I’ve written a few columns in recent months about the deteriorating job outlook for women and December 2020 wasn’t any better. The United States lost 140,000 net jobs in December and women lost 156,000 of them (that’s right, men gained 16,000). Job losses have been particularly steep across women-dominated sectors like education, hospitality, and retail. Looking back at the full length to date of the pandemic, 5.4 million women have lost their jobs, and 2.1 million have dropped out entirely, due in large part to the need to be home with their kids because they’re not in school. And as I’ve pointed out, Black and Latina women have been hit much harder than white men and women... Read More


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