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It’s Time To Remove Barriers to Workplace Equality for Women

Source: Forbes, Sarah Chamberlain

This is the second in a series of four articles on issues that the President-Elect and 117th Congress need to be prioritizing as it relates to equity for women and families. As I noted in my Dec. 18 column on safe and stable housing, we need to talk about how we can ensure everyone can live and work free from discrimination based on sex, and that includes undoing some damage that has been imposed over the past few years.

I’d like to talk today about removing barriers to workplace equality for women. As I wrote in mid-November, the outlook has been grim for women and isn’t improving.

Distress can be found in nearly every corner of the labor market, but the pain is not evenly distributed. Joblessness among minority groups was significantly higher in November than the 5.9% rate for whites: 10.3% of Blacks, 8.4% of Hispanics and 6.7% of Asians were unemployed... Read More


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