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WASHINGTON EXAMINER: GOP demands Democrats ‘come to the table’ in opening salvo of debt limit fight

January 20, 2023 -- Republicans in Congress are uniting behind a similar messaging strategy on the looming debt limit fight, calling on Democrats and the Biden administration to come to the negotiating table to discuss a path forward.

The Republican Main Street Partnership, a group that includes more than 70 sitting members of Congress dedicated to “commonsense” legislation, has unveiled a new digital ad campaign, playing the blame game on the debt limit and casting President Joe Biden and the Democrats as those responsible for the United States reaching the $31.4 trillion debt cap.

The ad, according to a Punchbowl Newsreport, calls on Biden to “come to the table to address the debt ceiling or Americans will suffer.” The commercial also says the group stands with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and demands that Biden “get to work.” Many members of this group are Republicans in swing districts that could face tough reelection campaigns in 2024.



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