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  • Sarah Chamberlain

Politics of fear should not scare principled Republicans

By Sarah Chamberlain, President and CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership

Somewhere deep in our national soul, we remain nostalgic for the metaphor of Main Street as the epitome of what’s right about the United States. But the political extremism that we’re seeing from both parties — and the challenges that our Main Street merchants are facing as a result of the pandemic — have resulted in an environment that threatens our democracy.

Renewing the American experiment in self-government depends on three strong foundations:

  1. Equity requires a commitment to equal opportunity, the impartial rule of law, and shared access to essential services like affordable health care, quality education, and childcare for working families.

  2. Security exists when we respect and grow our alliances with allies abroad and make targeted investments in our communities at home, along with a shared understanding that violence in any form is never acceptable.

  3. Prosperity results from a commitment to low taxes, free markets, limited government, access to capital, and targeted investments in workforce training, infrastructure, and transportation.

Published by the USA Today Network on 1/25/2021


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